Any colour and any finish

to match your internal decor

Highly Cost Effective

when covering large areas

Perfect Factory Finish

make your old doors look like new

ColourSpray Internal Spraying

We can provide internal spray painting onsite, using temporary erected sealed spray booths to protect the surrounding area.

Spray painting your internal windows, doors, conservatories provides a perfect high quality finish that can not be achieved with traditional painting methods.

This technique also allows us to spray large areas in a small amount of time, making it quick and less disruptive.

See how these internal doors have been transformed.

We can respray anything, onsite or in our specialist factory.

Key Benefits

We believe that our success is down to our expertise and attention to detail. We take pride in our work and in exceeding our clients expectations.

Quicker on large areas

Walls and ceilings can be sprayed quickly

Highly Cost Effective

Large areas can be covered in a fraction of the time

Completely Smooth Finish

Perfect smooth factory finish

Less Disruption

Due to speed of application

Work carried out on-site

Most of the work can be carried out on-site.

Wide choice of colours

You can choose any colour you like, including matching brand colours.

How we do it

  1. Our professional technicians first carefully prepare all surfaces, by thoroughly cleaning the ceilings and walls with specialist cleaning products. Not only do these remove all grime and dirt, it is the first stage or preparing the surfaces for the paint to bond.
  2. They install a temporary spray booth around the area being sprayed, to ensure the surrounding area is completely protected.
  3. These booths also ensure that there is no contamination in the spray area.
  4. Our factory booth is specially designed to provide the optimum lighting, airflow and space to spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does spraying onsite make a mess?
No, this is because the paint we use has a very limited amount of spray, and we create specialist sealed booths around the spray area, meaning that the paint is completely contained.
Does an internal spray leave a smell?
Our paints are relatively odourless, so our spraying service should not be any different to any traditional inside painting.
Is spray painting quicker than traditional painting?
Spray painting is much quicker, especially when covering larger areas. The paint is quicker to apply and dries very quickly making it preferable in most scenarios?
What is the quality of the finish like?
We can provide a wide range of finishes, but all are completely smooth, and make the finished result look brand new.
What can you spray?
We can spray more or less anything, be it plastic, wood or metal. Our experienced technicians will determine which specialist paint to use for each situation.

About Us

We are family-run company, specialist kitchen restoration and spray painting business operating from West Sussex.

  • We only use the best quality products coupled with the best tools on the market.
  • We don't take short cuts and are proud of our reputation.
  • Our team has the experience to take the quickest and best approach.
  • We regard no job as too big or too small.
  • We are renowned for our professional approach and attention to detail.
  • The Colour Spray UK team are given one simple rule to abide by; to provide a quality finish and friendly approach in everything they do.

"It is hard to believe they are the same doors. They look brand new and completely different."

We work across Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas.

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